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Welcoming You
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Monday, December 8, 2014

Sinking setback, rising fortunes

Dear bloggie,

Time flies when you have a hell of a good time, or bad. Or when you travel to 'The Land of the Rising Sun" for two times in a year.

My first visit to the country was quite cold. No, I meant cold as in lonely. Maybe because I didn't have the option to choose where I wanted to visit; maybe because I DID choose where I wanted to go but it was rejected - Universal Studios Japan, Pokemon Centre(s) and several others. Then again, nothing beats all of these mentioned more than having to go to Japan without my other half - my sister.

I had an ex-colleague back then who used to travel to Japan every year, no fail, or so. Privileged after saving up so much and spending even more on my next trip, I finally understand why she'd return every couple'a months because I would too.

Oh boy, was it fun! We walked for kilometers before we stopped by every possible main tourist destination. If it wasn't a nice century old bamboo garden/groove, it would've been a heritage shrine. Eventually, we would end our day shopping at multistory shopping malls, namely SOGO or Loft. I think the beauty of all these building were that they were all horizontally challenged which results to a tall every-nook-and-cranny-for-sure-to-be-utilized interior. Unfortunately, I do not have a nice photo of how they all look like but you get the point.

Flying back to my painful reality, I finally quit my current job. Of course, it was the least painful thing to do now that I've discovered more than what my ex-boss is capable of other than my super-duper-incompetent-and-hopeless colleague. Leaving the job wasn't painful, actually; it was all the mess that I've gone through just to realized how painful (notice how it's repeated) it is to be put into cold storage, "beaten" to all the tasks which I took lead and not given a raise, promotion or a pat on my back. Now that these are old news, I won't sugar coat it nor salt coat them anymore. I've truly learned nothing else but personal development (which include, higher up politics, back stabbed, demotivated, yelled at, unappreciated etc) here. Thank you, but no thank you too.

As much as I've tried running after my ball (life) which was rapidly rolling down the hill this year, I'm all powered up to enter the new one - 2015. Jokes aside, I've never seen my life turn into a bundle of bad luck racing down the hill with me before! To add on the series of unfortunate events, the less exciting lesson is that I've grown up into a major part of the 'blood, sweat and tears'.

I told my Nico-Nico that I've decided to come up with some realistic resolutions next year and one of them were "swimming classes - so I can swim with you" and he chuckled, replying that it wasn't necessary because he can't swim too well either. But that's besides the point. What I really meant is, it is time for me to set some lifetime goals. Some new reachable goals that gives that "oh yea" feeling. Why am I saying this? Probably because I survived my Quarterly Life Crisis (QLC) and want to live a better life ahead so I don't go crashing into a midlife one any time soon. I've not managed to list any of them down yet, however. Tell you what, I will start by giving it all a thought, a deep hard one and list all the resolutions down.

Since it's year end, I've decided to do some major shopping - which also consist of some crazy craft supplies which I've stocked up for the year, washi tapes! Snagged them all from the Supplies Surprise Bazaar 2014 while helping a friend out with our MAD Scientist Cosmetics line of homemade, organic, food-grade and kid-friendly lip balms. Now that my blog is slightly relived, I might make my own reviews on the awesome balms mainly because I believe in them, and you should too!

Till then, I'm signing off from my office desk becauseI'minthemoodforwritingafreakinglongpostwhichmeansit'smyblogwhichhasbeendeadforatleastayearnow and back to my handover list.

G'bye bloggie and I'mma be missing ya from here!

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